September 29, 2022

Will the “Roaming Empire” Fall Forever in the Future?

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With the combined forces of the Internet and mobile communications rising at about the same super quick pace as they are adapted by consumers, it seems as though the borders of regions and countries are falling away. Already, consumers in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and the Netherlands are enjoying the benefits of these missing borders. But will there be a time when all countries can call one another without paying expensive long distance or roaming charges?

The market adoption seems to say “yes.” But not for awhile. For now, at least, Tru SIM and Maxroam seem to be the best there is as far as overall value. Nationwide carriers such as T-Mobile, however, are not far behind.

Tru App is one way to lower these costs substantially. As far as Tru App is concerned, it is not the only option for making VoIP (voice over internet protocol) phone calls. VoIP services are everywhere. Some of Tru’s competitors such as Skype and Future Nine already have programs very similar to Tru App’s. In fact, when you look at the experiences of many customers, Skype’s VoIP service has so far proven to be more reliable than the rest thus far.

The fact of the matter is, sometime in the near future, mobile networks will cease to be confined to country borders. The competition will become an international, rather than a multinational, one. In most countries, consumers can already pick from 2 or 3 mobile service providers that cover their entire nation. In the United States, the world’s most competitive mobile market where Tru also operates as a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), consumers can pick as many as 4 nationwide providers.