February 6, 2023

Resolving Truphone App Issues The “Official” Way

Truphone Voice Over IP, Tru VoIP, Windows Linux Ubuntu

As big fans of Tru, it pains us to hear that so many of you are having issues with the Tru App service for Android. We have received numerous tips from users of these issues and they all seem to be reporting the same or simular issues:

Skype does not log in
-Unable to add other Tru users.
-Lagging, freezing, force closing.

We have also heard a number of users complain about these same problems when using the Desktop Application for Windows. No word on Mac or Linux users yet.

Remember, contact Tru at apphelp@truphone.com to report these issues so they can be fixed as soon as possible. They can’t fix anything they don’t know about.