February 6, 2023

Apple’s Upcoming iPad 3 Tablet To Be Unveiled in February?

Apple iPad 3, iOS 5.1

Waiting for the next Apple iPad? You’re definitely not alone; many calling and messaging users are with you there, but hopefully you won’t have too much longer to wait if recent reports are any indication.

According to an unspecified Asian supplier in the United States, Cupertino-based Apple may be unveiling the iPad 3 in February, with a possible release date set for as early as March.

Also alongside the iPad 3’s launch comes Apple’s new version of iOS, which is getting a version number bump (version 5.1) alongside new features. Apple released the third version of its iOS 5.1 beta software to developers last week.

The iPad 3 is said to sport a slightly thicker case, a 2,048 x 1,536-pixel HD display and up to twice the battery life as the current iPad 2. Apple is also expected to continue selling a legacy iPad 2 model at a discounted price following the release of its new iPad 3.

Source: Macotakara