February 6, 2023

A Brief Inside Look At Truphone’s Tru Labs Division: What Exactly Is It And What’s It For?

Truphone SIM, VoIP App, Tru Labs

We have received some information regarding a new development community for Truphone SIM card and Truphone VoIP App divisions.

So what exactly is Tru Labs and what is its purpose? To put it simply in Truphone’s own words, Tru Labs is “a place where we can release fast, release frequently, and keep a close dialog with our userbase, so we know where to focus our efforts on making our features even better.”

Tru Labs is described by the global SIM card and VoIP app provider as “an incubation area for innovative products, and a portal by which we can open up our GSM and VoIP network services to developers, partners, and end-users.”

Unfortunately, that’s all we know for the time being, but more information as well as a sign-up page can be found on the Tru Labs website where you can insert your e-mail for early access to the services it will provide. So, be sure to check out the Tru Labs website.