February 6, 2023

Truphone App and SIM Services to Work Together?

Tru App Tru SIM Services

It has long been rumored that the folks at Tru have been working on a way to combine the Tru App and Tru SIM services so that both accounts work together, using the same funds, phone numbers, etc. Many customers have also requested this change to make account management easier.

Well, we may have gotten a tiny hint that this is indeed going on.

According to sources, Tru is looking to combine the two to make “the apps and the GSM network work together in perfect harmony.” In addition, Tru has told TruTower that they are “innovating in new areas.”

If this should prove correct, it would place the first global mobile network in a unique position. With a combined Tru App and Tru SIM environment, Tru will be able to innovate both products further, and this would truly create a harmonious experience for their customers.

For instance, imagine being able to use the same number and services on Wi-Fi as you do on the mobile network. This would completely eliminate international roaming charges. Or how about being able to use your Tru App or SIM service to call another Tru App or SIM user without using your funds?

An unending world of possibilities!