December 6, 2021

Would You Like to Use an Ubuntu Phone With Your Global Roaming Service?

Ubuntu, Mobile OS, Android

Ubuntu lovers rejoice! Those amazing wizards at XDA Developers have found a way to load the Ubuntu OS on any Android device running OS version 1.6 or greater.

For those of you who are unaware, the Ubuntu OS is the world’s third most popular desktop operating system behind Windows and Mac. It is a stable OS who’s recent 11.10 version has been met with both love from new users and criticism from fans of the recent versions because of its new Unity look.

Ubuntu, like Android, uses the Linux kernel at its core. Mozilla Firefox is its default web browser, but you can also get a great many more web browsers including Chromium (which is basically Google Chrome without the “Googleness”).

XDA Developers has discovered a rather user friendly way of installing Ubuntu on your Android device using a root-level application provided by one of its users. They have included additional information here.

Does this mean the Linux version of Skype or even the Truphone Desktop App will work with this new “Ubuntu Phone”? While there are no guarantees, it’s definitely possible, but unlikely. As such, we don’t recommend turning your Android phone into an Ubuntu phone unless you are using a global roaming SIM service lest you render all your VoIP, messaging, and walkie-talkie apps unusable.

Still, it is amazing what the folks at XDA Developers have accomplished, and we look forward to seeing what other magic tricks those wizards can pull off!