November 27, 2022

Here Comes the New iPad! Ten Countries Prepare for Launch

Apple New iPad, Buy Online

The launch of the New iPad, sporting Apple’s new iOS 5.1 operating system, is imminent. The device that has been rumored, speculated, prodded, poked, and worshiped by many Apple fans the world over is here.

We, too, have succumbed to the pull of the device. We can’t imagine not using Tru’s VoIP application in New iPad HD goodness, even if we do have a soft spot for our BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices. Check out all of our articles about “iPad 3” and leading up to the New iPad’s unveiling and of course today’s launch!

Lines of people are already beginning to form for the coveted Apple product in ten countries, including Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, and Australia. If you happen to see or stand in an iPad line in front of a local store in your city, please by all means send photos to our inbox. We’d love to post them on the TruTower site!

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