February 6, 2023

Reminder: Truphone’s Tru SIM Billing Changes

Truphone Billing USA Tru SIM

Just a reminder to Tru SIM users in the USA, the Truphone billing changes for Tru SIM that we informed you about back on February 28th will be going into effect starting tomorrow, March 28th.

Tru informed us back in February of the billing changes via an official email that was sent out to all Tru SIM customers. In case some of you missed it, you can read our news post here.

While the exact reason for these changes hasn’t been made clear by Tru aside from obviously making it easier to keep track of usage with full-minute increments, we are optimistic that the changes will lead to the highly-demanded bundle wholesale plans on the Tru SIM service as well as expansions to the Tru SIM global wireless network.

The billing changes are very minor changes and as such are expected to have a minimalistic effect on most Tru SIM customers. We have contacted Tru with some questions regarding Tru SIM’s future and haven’t received a response as of yet.