Hot on the heels of new and interesting job postings from Tru Labs, it seems the people at Canonical have posted an interesting open position themselves.

Looking at the job posting boards over at Canonical turns up a pretty interesting position, one for a Business Development Manager (Ubuntu Phone OS).

We don’t mean to jump to conclusions here, but the wording of the listing is quite odd and very intriguing. According to the listing, Canonical is looking for a “business development lead to engage and develop strong relationships with industry partners in the run up to the launch of Ubuntu as a smartphone operating system,” with the goal of “establish[ing] a commercial ecosystem around Ubuntu as a smartphone OS.”

Does this mean that Ubuntu is preparing to join Windows Phone and the upcoming Boot to Gecko OS in taking on the behemoths Android and iOS in the battle for smartphone supremacy?

It’s not exactly certain (as this is, of course, pure speculation on our part), and it could just as easily (and more likely) mean the company is looking at pushing the previously revealed Ubuntu for Android phones forward.

Phonerpt, Canonical

  • Then there was BSD and Slackware, and ubuntu and iphone and android all has couple of things in common, based on unix or unix like and they arer distributions with apps. A true open source phone linux could be amazing!

    • Ana

      Agreed. I love Ubuntu!