February 7, 2023

European Parliament to Vote on EU Roaming Regulation May 10

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On the 10th of May, after months of discussion between politicians and organizations such as Europeans for Fair Roaming, the European Parliament will vote on the new EU roaming regulation in Brussels.

The proposed regulation will see roaming charges progressively lowered, beginning from 1 July 2012 to 2014. This involves the lowering of phone call charges from €0.29 per minute beginning 1 July 2012 to €0.19 per minute, starting 2014. Data roaming also will be lowered with the cost starting at €0.70 per megabyte beginning 1 July 2012, lowering to €0.20 per megabyte by 2014. SMS messages will see a €0.03 reduction between the same time period.

This regulation could also go a long way in spurring the growth of Tru SIM as well as increase the likelihood of better plans and deals for Tru customers.

Are you ready for lower international roaming costs?

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