For those of you who are bored with booting up Gingerbread on your Motorola phones, you may want to hold off on cheering that your favorite handset will receive that seemingly long overdue ICS update.

Despite Motorola’s Android 4.0 rollout being scheduled for many of its devices (full list here), apparently not all of them will be getting an ice cream sandwich with their cake. Some will simply be skipped and will not receive the ICS update at all.

“Obviously we want the new release to improve our devices,” the company said in a recent blog post, “If we determine that can’t be done, well, then we’re not able to upgrade that particular device.”

Handsets that are “bogged down” by Ice Cream Sandwich simply won’t get an update. Even so, Motorola affirms that it’s working closely with Google to keep its hardware up to date. In other words, they’ll be working with … themselves. Interesting.

Still, while this may be disappointing news, there’s always rooting to consider.