EU governments, at a meeting in Brussels, have agreed upon new EU roaming regulation that was passed by the European Parliament three weeks ago.

This marks a big success for the citizen-led Europeans for Fair Roaming campaign, which unites 20 association (including both Tru and TruTower), 14 members of the European Parliament, and 150,000 people behind lower roaming charges in Europe.

“This means that the new EU roaming rules will now come in force on July 1, just in time for the summer holidays,” said campaign coordinator, Bengt Beier. “We are glad governments accepted the new regulation just as the Parliament did on May 10. The new rules are a step forward for consumer protection. But it will take another two years until we will know for sure whether prices will really drop. The EU should now look towards two other nuisances for mobile users: the high prices for worldwide roaming and international calls from home to other European states. Because those things are not covered by the roaming regulation.”

What this means? Lower costs for global SIM users who are roaming in Europe in the future, which could lead to those elusvie Truphone bundles as well!

To download the full press release and for more information, check out the source link below.

Europeans for Fair Roaming

  • Bilesha Wellton

    Hopefully this does lead to bundles!! 😀

  • I presume this will make it easier for Tru, as a virtual provider, to get access to the same roaming rates that other European operators can get, without the complex negotiations that seem to be holding up expansion to other European countries beyond the UK. At the same time, this move reduces Tru’s relative advantage – I could use my UK Orange SIM (or any other EU provider) to get the same roaming rates. Tru has to find a way to undercut the new capped rates, and/or offer something else unique, like local numbers in more countries

    • Adam Kelly

      I can see Tru offering local numbers in more countries rather than undercutting the rates, as it would seem to be more likely to me. Unless of course we do get bundles, which would be the perfect way to undercut those rates on Tru’s part.

      Great to see we do get lower rates at least though!

      • bundles are most valuable in the home country, so that we could use tru instead of primary carrier (e.g. I could ditch TMobile here in the US), I doubt we’ll get them for roaming…

        • Adam Kelly

          I don’t see why not. Tru already offers “Borderless Bundles” for business which work in all three Tru Countries — — so I don’t think it would be a stretch to offer these to individuals. Especially if there was a contract involved. I wouldn’t mind doing a contract for a bundle plan with Tru.

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