January 16, 2022

Galaxy Nexus Accessories Now Available in Google Play Store

Google Nexus HSPA+ Accessories, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Android Nexus Smartphones

If you’re like a lot of international SIM card users and you enjoyed the idea of buying an unlocked HSPA+ powered Galaxy Nexus straight from Google but were put off by the absence of the official accessories, have no fear, as Google Play now has many accessories available.

Google Play now gives shoppers the chance to buy the regular Desktop Dock, the HDMI Portrait Dock or the Vehicle Dock, whether it’s packed in with your Ice Cream Sandwich device or not. All three cost between $49 to $54.

Things seem to be going a lot smoother for Google since the last time it attempted to sell hardware direct, although we have yet to see whether or not the store section will carry any hardware that isn’t part of Google’s Nexus ecosystem. Still, it’s a welcome sign for all of us Tru users who prefer to have some accessories with our ice cream sandwich.

Google Play, Engadget