January 16, 2022

Samsung Galaxy S III Uses Unique HDTV Adapter, Previous MHL Adapters Incompatible

Samsung Galaxy S III HDTV Adapter, MHL Adapters, GalaxyS3 Accessories

Try not to be too disappointed if you’ve decided to take the early leap and pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S III to use with your Tru SIM or Tru App service — with the full intent of seeing your phone’s beautiful display light up your HDTV — and you realize that existing MHL dongles do not work with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich flagship.

According to UK retailer Clove, a rearrangement in the phone’s connector pins renders it incompatible with previous Samsung-made MHL adapters, so you may want to look into investing in a new MHL adapter if you want to see your display mirrored in crisp and clean 1080p HD.

It’s likely that Samsung is actually using MHL compatible circuitry, says The Verge, but the company may have changed the pinout to accommodate new accessories or improve some subtle design aspect. Hopefully it’s not a simple grab for additional cash.

Samsung’s new micro-USB-powered connector (shown in video form below) supports 1080p output via HDMI, so is definitely worth looking into. There are reports received that echo the dongle’s lack of love for 720p displays, so just keep that in mind.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCT1WIlbyes&w=320&h=180]