March 27, 2023

LG Turning Away From Tablets, Moving Forward With Smartphones

LG Optimus 4X HD, Optimus4X, OptimusHD

LG is one of the many manufacturers that tried to overtake Apple’s iPad from the beginning, but the company doesn’t see much of a future for itself in that market, at least for the time being.

When asked about Microsoft’s recent Surface announcement, LG said that it “doesn’t see Surface competing with anything we’re focusing on at the moment,” and would be taking a step back from the tablet market and focus its efforts on smartphones instead.

It hasn’t exactly stormed the market with success anyway. Its recent Optimus Pad LTE fell flat. This move would free the company to improve its No. 4 spot on the world’s cellphone charts, and release better, higher quality phones for LG fans everywhere.

Still, it’s sad when the competition decreases in a particular segment of the market. Here’s hoping that LG can return to the tablet scene someday.

Slash Gear, Bloomberg