February 7, 2023

New EU Roaming Rates Will Not Apply to Truphone SIM Users in U.S., Australia

Tru SIM, Local Anywhere, GSM Roaming

Recently, internal sources at Tru have confirmed to TruTower that the international roaming rates seen on Tru SIM in the European Union will be lowered to meet new EU roaming regulations passed on May 30. What we didn’t know, however, was whether or not Tru SIM users in the USA and the Land Down Under would be able to experience these same rates when roaming in the area.

Sadly, it has been confirmed by a Truphone support forums representative to one of our readers that the “price cuts only apply to EU users” at this time, which means Tru SIM users from the United States and Australia who are roaming in the EU won’t see a change in the rates from what was experienced before.

Though the representative has said he would pass the “concerns to our management team,” it awaits to be seen whether this policy will be changed anytime soon. We certainly hope so, as it would make Tru more competitive in the rapidly growing international mobile market.

Thanks to TruTower reader David Levy for sending this in!