It’s been a few weeks since we last heard about Google Maps and its new offline navigation feature. Well, the new update is now released, but it’s not without its initial bugs.

CNET UK took the new feature for a test drive. Initially, when trying to download the whole map of the UK, the service found the selection too large, but a quick zoom to the size roughly of a town solved the problem. That’s about the perfect size for offline support. We can’t imagine too many reasons why anyone would need a map of the entire country downloaded to their phone at once (though we’re sure there are users out there that do).

CNET UK also noted how the offline navigation failed to save London due to a download failure and SlashGear reports glitches within saved maps, such as landmarks and road names not showing up. In our own tests, we haven’t had much luck in downloading anything larger than a small city, so it does appear to be slightly limited. Again, though, we can’t imagine why anyone would need to save a map that large.

This is the perfect new feature for our fellow Global SIM users, as it saves on data no matter where in the world you are, whether you’re traveling in your home country or doing a bit of international roaming in the other more than 220 countries where the GSM services can be used.

The update is now available in the Google Play store if you’re ready to see it in action right now! Hit the Google Play link below. How is the new feature working for you? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Charles Brenon

    It’s not really unlike caching. I’ve been doing this with Nokia Maps for awhile. Great for Android users though.

    • Chris Weber

      I love Nokia Maps.

  • I’ve got the whole of the UK and some other regions on my phone via Navdroyd, great maps and free! the navigation is a bit rough, so it’s only for roaming really.

    • Adam Kelly

      I just tried it but it kept force closing on my HTC One X :/ What phone are you using?

    • What Global Sim service are you using?

    • Chris Weber

      I could never get Navdroyd to work. It kept force closing on me. Switched to WP8 with Nokia Maps and it works like a charm.

  • Adam Kelly

    Josh, please never quit TruTower. I love the fact that Tru users can come here to chat with each other about phones and stuff. And it’s a global network, so it could be a great and neat way to make friends.

    I wish I knew more Tru users to recommend to this site. :/

    • Thank you for your comments Adam 🙂

      Actually many Tru users (probably a majority) are business users so rarely leave comments. Generally, it’s the individual users who leave comments, and many are not Tru users but are interested in the subject matter we write about.

      Hopefully, Tru will make a bit more of an effort to focus on individual users so comments will be more common.

      That being said, I don’t plan on quitting TruTower 🙂 I have no reason to. Kind comments and support of users such as yourself are plenty motivation for me to do this every day 🙂

  • Bilesha Wellton

    Meh, I prefer Nokia Maps. I get entire countries offline.

    I’ve been using it with Tru SIM since last year and it’s awesome. Now if Tru will release their VoIP app for Windows Phone and stop being stubborn about supporting that dying platform that is BlackBerry, we’ll be good.

    • Chris Weber

      This. Although I could care less about the Tru app, other apps need to hop on board. BB10 is a flop.