June 1, 2023

Microsoft Applies For High-Performance 1 MS Touchscreen Patent

Microsoft Windows 8, Windows Phone, Touch Screen Technology

Way back in March, we first caught a glimpse of Microsoft Research’s amazing proof-of-concept demo that took touchscreen latency from 100ms to 1ms. Now, the company is protecting that product by applying for a patent.

The claim focuses heavily on the use of a predictive system that takes an educated guess as to where you’re going to move next, and does some serious pre-processing to minimize lag. The result is a smooth moving UI that could really boost the user experience within a wide number of Microsoft products.

Of course, this technology seems like it’s a long way out from landing in a smartphone or tablet, but the patent is a sound one that could go a long way in not only improving technology for the end user, but may also give Microsoft a little more ammunition in the seemingly never-ending patent wars.

If this technology makes it to future Windows and Windows Phone products, expect your smartphone and tablet experiences to be that much better.