March 21, 2023

BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour Sees Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil Locations in August

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There was no doubt that July was the BlackBerry 10 Jam World Tour’s biggest month, and August — its final month in full swing — will be one of its smallest, as far as the number of locations it visits.

The Tour hits Mexico, Argentina, and Brazil this month, starting in a couple of weeks — August 16th to be exact — with Mexico City, Mexico. Buenos Aires, Argentina will play host to the Tour on August 21st. From there, the BB10 Jam Tour will hit its final location of Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 23rd.

It’s true that Research in Motion has delayed the BlackBerry 10 OS Release Date to next year and has been experiencing hard times as of late — most recently its announcement of 3,000 layoffs in August — but the company looks to get developers interested and excited in its upcoming platform.

Tru is among those already on board and has said that its new voice over IP application could be launched alongside the new BB10 OS. Unfortunately, RIM’s delay could have delayed the VoIP app as well.

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