Microsoft looks to make Windows Phone 8 a powerhouse of features in answer to its competitors in the smartphone market. The company will be extending support for in-app purchases.

In app purchases essentially allow customers to purchase upgrades, new content, and complementary features directly within the app. What this could mean for users when Tru VoIP app is released for the platform: topping up your account from the app itself, and perhaps some additional content.

In-app purchases will be available exclusively on Windows Phone 8 apps and will not be coming to Windows Phone 7.5 or 7.8. The lack of support for in-app purchases in Windows Phone 7.8 is likely connected to the fact that Microsoft’s Wallet hub is slated to debut on Windows Phone 8 as an in-app purchase management system.

Have you experienced in-app purchasing in the past, or are you going to try it out on Windows Phone 8?