November 27, 2022

Truphone Planning “Something” For U.S., Hong Kong, and the Netherlands?

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This latest rumor from our ninjas has us scratching our heads. Truphone is said to have “something” planned for the United States, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands. Sources don’t specify what exactly it is. We would almost assume new country launches, but the U.S. is already a Tru country. Perhaps the big U.S. expansion we’ve already heard about?

Sources have also confirmed that the company is “very busy” with the plans for the three countries.

It has been hinted that these plans may have something to do with the internal IT department as well as additional expansion efforts, but we were unable to confirm anything regarding this information as of this writing.

Tru has been pushing their expansion efforts fairly hard over the past few months. Our prediction of a busier half of 2012 for Truphonedefinitely came true, though it remains to be seen what else Tru has up its sleeve as the year drags on and as we lead up to the official release of the new Tru VoIP application on BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android, and possibly Windows Phone 8.

We will keep on top of this rumor and keep everyone updated. What do you think is going down in the U.S., Hong Kong, and the Netherlands?