March 21, 2023

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM Testing on Truphone Going On Now

Nano-SIM powered iPhone 5, Apple iPhone5, nanoSIM

According to our sources, Truphone is indeed currently testing the iPhone 5 with a new as-of-yet-unannounced nano-SIM to be used with Truphone SIM accounts at some point in the near future.

A Truphone nano-SIM has been in the cards for quite some time now, with rumors pointing to the nano-SIM beginning its development as early as August. However, Truphone has not yet announced an official release date for the even-smaller SIM, nor what (if any) new features the new nano-SIM card will bring for users.

Truphone has also been mum about their Blue SIM cards that were first leaked to TruTower way back in June, then announced by Truphone just a week later. With testing on the nano-SIM going on now, it’s likely a nano-SIM solution will be in users’ hands before the holiday season hits.