March 21, 2023

New Upcoming Truphone App To Let You Use Your GSM SIM Number Over Wi-Fi?

Truphone Tru VoIP App, Voice Over IP on Android, Free Internet Calling

The rumors keep on coming today. Hot on the heels of a rumor that the Truphone SIM will be seen in more countries soon comes a rumor regarding the Truphone VoIP App, which has been under the microscope at the Truphone offices for quite some time.

According to our sources, Truphone has developed the new VoIP App — which will be released for BlackBerry 10, Android, iOS, and likely Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 — so that the application will allow the use of users’ existing Truphone SIM phone numbers, effectively bringing the two platforms together.

This coincides with reports from earlier this year that the two platforms would eventually merge in some way, and this could very well be the beginning of that.

Truphone has not yet confirmed this, and as such it should be taken with a grain of salt, but it does fit rather well into Truphone’s “no borders” direction for mobile communications. There’s no telling where the Virtual SIM service would fit in to this equation, at least not yet (if it fits in at all).

Do you like the idea of a combined SIM and App platform?