February 7, 2023

Google Play Store Reaches 700,000 Apps Milestone

Google Play Store, Android Market, Android App Store

The world loves apps. Between iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, there are hundreds of thousands of apps to take advantage of. Google’s Play Store for Android has just reached the 700,000-app mark.

Bloomberg Businessweek first reported the milestone achievement. Google’s platform had reached the 600,000 Android apps and games mark back on June 27, showing that the growth of the app ecosystem for the platform has been both constant and quick and it’s certainly not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Still, quantity isn’t by any means as good as quality when it comes to apps. One area that the growing operating system could do better with are tablet-based apps. We’re definitely hoping to see some voice over ip apps in particular that are better optimized for the Android platform’s tablets in the coming months.