February 6, 2023

Microsoft: Windows 8 Adoption Hits Four Million Upgrades in First Few Days

Windows 8 UI, modern metro interface, Microsoft W8

The rate of adoption for Microsoft’s newly-released Windows 8 operating system has been very steady since the OS first went on sale October 26th.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced the upgrade statistics today — that it has already sold four million upgrade copies over the first sales weekend — at a keynote address in Seattle.

Windows 8 UI, modern metro interface, Microsoft W8Windows 8, Metro UI, New Windows Version

Ballmer did mention the launch of Surface, but did not reveal any specific sales figures for that particular device. Microsoft stores were lined with people on the day the Surface became available, so it’s likely that sales of the Surface were very high from what we’ve seen. Unfortunately, we won’t know for sure until Microsoft releases the sales information to the public.

Windows 8 (not Windows RT) will work with the legacy Truphone VoIP App for desktop.

Have you upgraded to the new Windows 8 yet?