February 5, 2023

Truphone’s Nano-SIM Will Be Out Before the End of the Year

Apple iPhone 5, Nano-SIM Truphone, TruSIM International Roaming

According to a recent tweet by Truphone and other information we’ve received in our inbox, the company’s nano-SIM card effort will be out “before the end of 2012”.

The latest estimate, according to the tweet, is by December. We caught wind of testing for the nano-SIM late last month from internal sources at Truphone, but haven’t heard anything substantial regarding the nano-SIM solution since.

The Nano-SIM will work in the Apple iPhone 5, allowing any user with an unlocked device to make and receive phone calls and text messages over the Truphone global network and save money while roaming abroad.

Sources at Truphone have not specified an exact date for the nano-SIM’s release, but with a confirmed release before the end of 2012, it means Apple fans shouldn’t have much longer to wait until they’re able to try the service without having to risk trimming down a micro-SIM to use instead.