March 21, 2023

Truphone Announces Nano-SIM Release For iPhone 5, Right on Schedule

iPhone 5 Nano-SIM, Apple iPhone 5, iOS 6

This morning, Truphone announced that the long-awaited Truphone nano-SIM solution has arrived, making the iPhone 5 usable on the Truphone SIM GSM network without risky micro-SIM trimming procedures.

This announcement comes just a day after some nano-SIM announcement stirrings, and does indeed keep the promise that had been made weeks ago regarding the nano-SIM showing up on the Truphone network before the end of the year.

So how do you get one of these SIMs? For now, the company appears to be providing nano-SIMs on a limited basis, and is directing existing customers to contact with their account details if they wish to obtain a SIM. Judging from early customer reports, calling customer service also seems to be a good option as well.

It’s great to see the nano-SIM finally released. Maybe now we can move forward and (maybe) look into some Truphone SIM bundle plans for consumers?