Various news outlets have reported this week that next year’s inevitable Galaxy S IV will have an “unbreakable” display as Samsung continues its longtime effort to commercialize flexible AMOLED screens.

The rumor originated from Nicolas Gaudois, a UBS analyst quoted by Reuters.

According to a report from The Verge, however, an “unbreakable” screen should not be expected for the next iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones.

“Flexible screens are still a while off,” a source told the publication.

However, consumers can expect a 1080p display to be in the cards — to be unveiled as early as CES — following what HTC has already built into the J Butterfly and Droid DNA smartphones.

The Galaxy S IV is not expected to be revealed until the later half of 2013, and we will undoubtedly have to contend with a smorgasbord of so-called rumors, leaks, and unconfirmed reports until then similar to what occurred with last year’s Galaxy S III. Of course, we’ll be there to gather every one we can in the hopes that in each, we might be able to find at least a grain of truth.