There’s no doubt that Truphone is one of the leaders in innovating the international wireless business. Between the VoIP application for Android and iPhone and their international GSM SIM products, the company has certainly made its mark on the ever-changing mobile industry and has made it easier than ever for people all around the world to keep in touch with one another without having to depend on being in a Wi-Fi coverage area.

The folks at MOBI, particularly MOBI’s Marketing Manager Matt McIntyre, had the pleasure speaking with Pascal de Hesselle, Vice President of Channel Sales and Marketing at Truphone, about “Truphone’s capabilities and impact on the international business traveler,” one of Truphone’s focus markets. The video — available at this link — is certainly worth a look, and while we are excited about the possibilities for the business traveler seeking a lower international roaming bill, we very much hope to see more innovations from Truphone — particularly on the personal consumer side of the business — in the near future.