There’s no doubt that Android is so hot right now. With roughly 75% of the mobile market share currently, it could make even a male model envious of its rise, especially if that little phone in the photo above didn’t run the OS.

Android rose to prominence quite quickly, getting its first fans way back in 2008 with the release of the aptly-named HTC Dream (also known as the T-Mobile G1 on T-Mobile USA). And what a dream it was. The Dream sparked a whole race of Androids, each bringing new features, new skins, and a new attitude to the mix. The most notable of the manufacturers is, of course, Samsung, who skyrocketed to the number one spot in the world with smartphone market share in just a few short years with the release of devices such as the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S III. Despite litigation, fragmentation, and malware problems, Android has continued to dominate the mobile landscape.

The kind folks at MBA Online have sent us a great infographic that chronologs the rise of the Android operating system from its early beginnings to today. It will be interesting to see if Android can retain its Male Model of the Year status in the years to come with competing operating systems like iOS and Windows Phone on the scene.

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