The PureView capabilities of the Nokia Lumia 920’s rear camera have been one of the most touted features of the Windows Phone 8-powered device, enabling sharper pictures in low-light and image stabilization technology that prevents photos from looking as if they were taken while driving down the road in some kind of high speed rage. A few users, though, have said that daylight photos result in blurry images, something that — according to a report from Engadget — Nokia is prepared to address in an upcoming software update available this month.

A set of sample shots in the Engadget article show some minor improvements with the Lumia 920 camera. Some of the shots were taken with a Nokia Lumia 920 running software version PR1.0 and some running the new PR1.1 update.

This news comes just days after Microsoft began pushing a new Windows Phone 8 update to the HTC 8X to improve random reboots and add features such as always on Wi-Fi. According to reports, Nokia’s update will include these features alongside the camera improvements.