Many Viber users have been wondering about the application’s VoIP feature’s appearance on Microsoft‘s popularity-gaining Windows Phone 8 platform.

Viber launched on the Windows Phone platform in the “Nokia Collection” of apps way back in September with Viber HD. The application did indeed originally incorporate VoIP functionality, but was subsequently pulled from the Windows Phone Store due to various bugs and performance issues. Currently, only the official Viber Messenger app is available, but it does not include VoIP functionality.

We asked Viber about the possibility of the voice-powered version of the app returning to the Windows Phone scene. Viber was not able to provide any specifics, but did say that the app incorporating VoIP functionality was indeed “coming very soon” and that they will be announcing its “publication, system requirements, and more” shortly. The company did confirm that it would be available for “WP8 Lumia” users, but did not clarify if it would be available beyond the Nokia WP8 devices.

We will post any new information as soon as we receive it.

  • John

    Awesome. Can’t wait for this. Thanks guys!

  • I have a Lumia, so it wouldn’t be too bad for me if it was only for Nokia devices, but for the sake of other WP8 users, I hope it’s not exclusive.

    • Same with me. I have a Lumia 920, but a friend of mine has the HTC 8x and we use Viber to message each other all the time, it would be cool if we could use voice.

  • mike

    when can i use to viber call ? please sent me…Thanks.

    • Hi Mike!

      Unfortunately, we are unable to email TruTower readers individually. However, you can Like us on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, or circle us on Google+, all of which are accessible at the top and bottom of the website, and we’ll definitely keep you and everyone else up to date and will post an article as soon as voice for Windows Phone 8 is available! 🙂

  • And now we wait..

  • Any more news on this?

    • News will come soon in a new article published here on TruTower 🙂

  • plz viber i beg release viber calls for windows phone 8 allready , i m so sad im missing viber calls so much plz plz plz bring it sooner this week or next week would be dream come true, plz make my dream true and release it, plz viber i love viber so much