February 6, 2023

Windows Phone 7.8 Update for Samsung Omnia W Will Bring Wi-Fi Tethering

Windows Phone 7.8 release date, Windows Phone update, Microsoft WP upgrade

If you own a Samsung Omnia W and you’ve been anxiously awaiting your long-awaited update to Microsoft‘s Windows Phone 7.8 OS, it looks like you’ll be getting it in the near future — and it will be bringing a little surprise with it.

Apparently, the update will be including Wi-Fi tethering. According to WindowsPhoneItaly, the software is ready now and is only awaiting final word from Microsoft for approval and to roll out to devices.

“The release of new updates (like updating to Windows Phone 7.8) is programmed with timing dictated directly by Microsoft.

When you choose to provide this update, we will also implement the function of tethering Omnia W.”

WP Italy checked again with Samsung support regarding the Wi-Fi tethering and Samsung confirmed that they are “working to implement it in the new update.”

Windows Phone 7.8 will also bring the improved Start Screen from Windows Phone 8 and lock screen improvements to current 7.5 owners, excluding of course the Nokia apps.