November 27, 2022

KakaoTalk Lets Users Schedule Meetings, Integrates With BlackBerry Connect

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South Korea-based VoIP app KakaoTalk, which is now 27 million daily active users strong, announced a new capability yesterday that added a new Schedule feature, allowing users to schedule appointments with one another from within the VoIP application’s group chat functionality. This new capability enables the creation of events that KakaoTalk friends can choose to “attend” which will then interface with the smartphone calendar and save the event. For now, though, the feature is available only on Android and iPhone, but KakaoTalk’s developers could bring it to other operating systems in the future.

The new feature is available within the app’s group chat function, which also enables users to arrange conference calls and even share files and photos.

To bolster its expansion efforts in Indonesia, Kakao has been vying for a slice of the Indonesian market, unveiling a new version of its Blackberry app which includes Blackberry Connect integration. This allows Blackberry users to send invitations to one another to chat within KakaoTalk.

The company is certainly looking to establish KakaoTalk as one of the most full-featured chat apps available. There are even plans to integrate third-party apps like maps and music players this year.