Nimbuzz continues to evolve on Android as one of the longest and most popular chat and VoIP applications on the planet. One of the unique features of Nimbuzz is the ability to enter a chat room and chat with people from around the world, a feature that was enhanced in the app’s latest update.

Users can now view popular and their recent chat rooms, a welcome addition that makes it easier than ever to access different chat rooms on Android. In addition, the update brings the ability to copy and paste chats for the purpose of sharing with friends, a seemingly basic but nevertheless welcome addition to the features. Finally, the update also fixes a number of chat room and chat notification bugs and the ability to sign in as invisible similar to many other chat applications.

Outside of the chat room enhancements, the update also adds a feedback form so users can send feedback and suggestions to the developer. As users and developers become more and more connected, this is a much-needed addition that has been a long time coming.