Jailbreak Your iOS 6 Device With the Evasi0n Application

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user and you’re looking to jailbreak your device and experience freedom from Apple’s fruity grasp, you now have an option: Enter Evasi0n, an application built specifically to liberate iDevices from the shackles of manufacturer code.

The Evasi0n method of jailbreaking takes about “5 minutes of your time” according to the Evasi0n website documentation and works with iOS 6.0 and 6.1. Users are required to have a PC running Windows XP or above, a Mac running OS X 10.5 or above, or Linux x86 / x86_64.

Before you even start the process, however, it’s always a good idea to back up your data just in case there are some issues while going through the process. Also, keep in mind that some official apps won’t run on jailbroken devices. You’ll also want to read through the Evasi0n frequently asked questions and documentation to make sure you’re following the process correctly and to avoid any unforseen roadblocks. Otherwise, you’re ready to give your device the proverbial “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Have fun.

Update: The Verge has confirmed that the evasi0n jailbreak is causing some users’ Apple Weather apps to force close. As always, use caution when jailbreaking.

  • Shared. My cousin has been looking for a way to hack the iPad mini lol.

    So what is the point in jailbreaking anyway?

    • It’s largely a customization thing. It’s risky, but when you jailbreak, you can customize almost anything on your device, including the icons
      of your apps, system fonts, how apps appear, things like that. 🙂

  • Dan

    Big waste its just something so people can say they can. I think iOS is fine the way it is, if you want a sloppy interface along with bugginess and like to waste time and troubleshoot get an Android phone. Want a phone that works then get an iPhone.

    • Kyle McDougal

      Or a Windows Phone. Neither the iPhone nor WP need to be hacked to work properly.

      • Dan

        In my mind Microsoft missed out and screwed up. They are the ones that had the lead and wasn’t innovative enough and missed the opportunity. Windows Mobile 6.1 was Microsofts answer at that time and just horrible. And Blackberry was even worse, I don’t get what people see in Blackberry phones, I used one for 5 minutes and had enough, but got stuck with it for 2 years. I do have to give Microsoft credit though, instead of copying the iPhone like Android, they did something different and came up with the live tiles and stuff. But I think only the Microsoft faithful are going to buy them again after bad experiences in the past. So far they have like 2% I believe so facts are in my favor so far. We’ll see in a few years what happens! Its just a matter of time before Android takes all the marketshare, they are doing the same thing Microsoft did with Windows and getting Android on anything from junk to premium products so its just a matter of time before they own the markets and the OS is free which is different than what MS did. Apple will have to re-invent and start another product which will most likely be the Apple iTV or something else.

        • Kyle McDougal

          I agree with you. As much as I adore Windows Phone, I think Microsoft is going about it all wrong and there are a few features that the OS is missing. I’m hoping they’ll address these issues this year before the platform has a chance to lose to BlackBerry, which would be sad indeed.