February 7, 2023

Automatic VoIP Call Recovery, Emergency Call Redirection Come to Skype for iPhone

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Microsoft’s Skype continues to evolve heavily on both Apple iPhone and iPad, and the latest update, which carries the version number of 4.5, adds automatic dropped call reconnection and toggles to opt-in or opt-out of marketing when registering, as well as emergency call redirection, bringing the iPhone up to par with the iPad app, which received the latter two features on a February 4 update.

In addition, iPhone users will now be able to begin calling emergency numbers via the Skype app if they have it open, and the internet calling app will redirect those calls to the phone’s native dialer. This is a very useful feature, and a first for any VoIP app.

As for the iPad, the tablet’s version of Skype now feature improved spacing, with the company making “minor changes” so that the app operates more efficiently on an iPad mini.

The new updates are now available in the Apple App Store.