September 25, 2022

Kik Messenger Update for Android, iPhone Brings New Features, Improvements

Kik Messenger, Kik logo, Kik Instant Messaging

Kik Messenger version 6.2 has just rolled out to Android and iOS devices everywhere, bringing with it a few new features and improvements (along with a new game to enjoy!).

The popular instant messaging application now includes the “Squared” puzzle game that is accessible through the “More” menu and is listed as all other games are on Kik in the form of a card. Squared allows you to challenge your Kik Messenger friends in a fun little game that involves dragging squares with the ultimate goal of getting three or more same-colored squares in a row. It’s definitely a fun distraction that’s best to enjoy with friends.

In addition, the update includes various sidebar improvements and also adds the ability to share cards with your Kik friends by simply pressing and holding the card you wish to share on the screen.

The update is now available for download in the Google Play store and iTunes.