November 27, 2022

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 Updated, Brings New Features and UI Changes

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The relationship between WhatsApp and Windows Phone has been a mixture of love and hate from the get-go. The app has experienced a number of disappearances from the app store due to major bugs and hasn’t been the easiest app to deal with on the OS. Even so, it continues to be ranked as one of the most popular messaging apps on WP8.

WhatsApp has pushed out a new update (version 2.9.2) that adds numerous new features and fixes, the most notable of which is the addition of lockscreen notifications, a very important and highly welcomed new feature. In addition, WhatsApp has had its Live Tile redesigned with a smoother, more “Metro-fied” look.

Users can now use “Enter” to send messages, a new attachment screen has been rolled out, and the UI has experienced a number of major changes (though not as much as WhatsApp for Android). Finally, the developers have made it possible for users to back up their messages.

The new version of WhatsApp is now available in the Windows Phone Store.