February 6, 2023

Minor LINE Update for iOS Fixes Photo Sending Issues

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An update out of Naver Corporation in Japan to the LINE VoIP and messaging app was rolled out late Friday that fixed some minor problems that users were experiencing while sending photos. The issue resulted when users would send an edited photo to a friend and the original photo would be sent instead of the photo edited using the iOS album.

The update carries the version number of 3.5.1 and also includes other minor bug fixes in addition to the aforementioned. Of course, it also includes the changes from the previous LINE App upgrade released in early February, including chat room photo enhancements that allow users to send more than one photo from chat rooms at a time and attach several photos at one time to the Timeline.

LINE version 3.5.1 is now available in the iTunes App Store. Don’t forget to try out the new LINE Play feature for iOS and Android devices if you haven’t already.