March 24, 2023

WhatsApp Messenger Update for Windows Phone Fixes More Bugs

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Just two days ago, the WhatsApp Messenger team released an update for Windows Phone 8 with a completely brand new UI, and late yesterday, the team released yet another update, demonstrating the constant shifting and shaping of the app world.

WhatsApp 2.9.4 contains a number of bug fixes. According to the changelog that has been added to the app listing on the Windows Phone Store, these bug fixes specifically include fixes to issues that have caused crashes on Settings and app install on a small number of 7.x devices and also a fix for the issue caused during installation in which the system would hang for Finnish and Polish users.

This newest update is the latest in a series of updates for the Windows Phone version of WhatsApp, the most recent of which are simple bug fixes aside from the complete UI change experienced in last week’s upgrade.

You can download WhatsApp version 2.9.4 from the Windows Phone Store now.