October 20, 2021

Truphone for Android, iOS Updated With Cheaper Tariffs, UI Tweaks, and More

Truphone logo, International Global GSM SIM, Tru Voice Over IP App

Truphone has just rolled out a huge update to its VoIP App for Android and iOS, adding a great many features and tweaks. In fact, this is the largest update to the app since the new version 5.0 was released way back in early November.

The new update introduces cheaper tariffs and removes the connection fees associated with outgoing calls while introducing secure calling. Two new indicators — the Call Quality Indicator and the Call Cost Indicator — have been added, the former of which is visible whether or not you’re on a call. A number of UI tweaks and bug fixes is also part of the update.

Among the most notable changes, however, are the Truphone Anywhere integration and the SD Card installation support. The app performed quite well in our early tests and puts the quality of the calls on par with Skype and Viber. Unfortunately, messaging is not yet part of the app, though Truphone does have it planned for future release.

The new version of Truphone App is now available for download in the Google Play store and iTunes app store.