August 16, 2022

Windows Phone Surpasses 130,000 Apps, 40,000 New Developers Since WP8 Launch

HTC 8x, WP8 Smartphone, Windows Phone 8 Device

Microsoft has announced at Mobile World Congress that the Windows Phone Store now includes more than 130,000 applications, or 10,000 more new apps since December.

In addition, according to the company, app downloads have increased by 75 percent and 40,000 developers have registered in the first 3 months since the Windows Phone 8 launch. In addition, paid app revenue has increased 91 percent and 500,000 SDK downloads have occurred since October 30.

Windows Phone has been steadily gaining market share steadily over the past year. Its app store doubled in size in 2012 overall, and had surpassed 100,000 app submissions in June.

Microsoft also revealed a new Dev Center App for developers to monitor their apps’ download data, reviews, and crash trends, along with other metrics. The app includes a Windows Phone 8 Live Tile so — as is the purpose of the Live Tile — developers won’t have to actually open the app to view their application data.