IMO Messenger Not Planned for Development on Windows Phone 8 Yet

IMO Messenger has been available for iOS and Android operating systems for awhile now. The calling and messaging application is also usable via the web and allows you to stay connected with eleven different social networks at the same time. IMO Messenger includes two different versions on Android — a beta version is available for those who wish to be the first to test new features before they are officially released.

IMO.IM is not being worked on for Windows Phone, but will be considered in the future

Many users can see the enormous potential in having IMO available for Windows Phone. After all, the People Hub in the OS is all about integrating social networks all in one place, which is at the very core the same for IMO. However, Ralph Harik — a former Oracle engineer and one of the founders of the IMO app alongside his brother and former Google engineer Georges Harik — revealed to TruTower that IMO development is not something currently being worked on, but it might be something they will consider down the road.

This also extends to Windows 8 and Windows RT devices, but with the ability to bookmark and use IMO via the Windows 8 and Windows RT versions of Internet Explorer 10, it’s easy to work around until an app is planned.