Some users of KakaoTalk VoIP and IM for Windows Phone 8 have been plagued with slow response times when trying to access certain levels of the application. Luckily, South Korea-based KakaoTalk has addressed these issues and more with their latest update.

The aforementioned speed boost was given to the initialization of the app, so users should find the time it takes to start the application decreased. In our tests, it did seem to perform faster, though it didn’t seem to be significantly so. Still, an improvement is an improvement.

The speed boost was also pushed to the process of entering chat room and moving screens. Here, the improvements were noticeably significant, especially when it came to entering the chat rooms.

In addition, the update allows users to “receive messages which include (free) stickon” according to the app changelog. Other improvements have also accompanied the new version, which carries the number 1.5.0 and is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store.

  • KakaoAlbum and some of the other features from Android and iOS need to be available for Windows Phone 8 before I’ll use this app. I don’t see how developers can just ignore the WP8 platform and just expect it to take off on its own. Android and iOS had plenty of developer support initially, which is why they took off the way they did.

    • Chris Weber

      Smartest comment ever.

    • Chris Weber

      You, sir, win the internet today as far as I’m concerned.

  • where is calling feature? come on devs