March 21, 2023

Viber Via Twitter: VoIP Support for All Windows Phone Users Coming “Very Soon”

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Viber’s app for Windows Phone 8 has been exclusively restricted to messaging for quite some time, and it’s been said on a number of occasions that the voice feature was coming very soon. We first got word of the upcoming support in early January when a Viber team member revealed to us that VoIP for Windows Phone 8 was indeed in the pipeline. At the time, it wasn’t known if the update would extend beyond Nokia users, but we have since been able to confirm that all Windows Phone users will be benefiting from the update.

There is no question that Viber is currently planning to add HD voice support to its Windows Phone 8 app. It’s never been a matter of “if,” however, but “when.” Tango revealed to us recently that they currently have no plans to support WP8, but Viber continually reassures its users that development is underway.

Viber for Windows Phone, Viber VoIP for WP, WP8 Viber HD Voice

As reported by WPCentral, Viber stated on Twitter that they don’t have an official release date, but to “hang in there!” Until then, you can find the Viber messaging app in the Windows Phone Store to download and wait for the update. We’ll do our best to nail down a time frame for the update’s official release.