June 1, 2023

LINE Update For Windows Phone 8 Adds New Emoji, New Languages, Additional Features

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For those users who are sporting the LINE app on Windows Phone, you may be happy to know that the application has been brought even closer to the versions available for Android and iOS. Closer, but not quite all there.

One notable change is the fact that you can now check files sent from the PC version of the LINE app, so you can stay even closer to your pals on Windows 8 devices. The app also introduces a new registration process to get new users up and running a lot faster.

Another notable addition is the coming of the new Emoji, which were first added first to Android and then later added to iOS devices earlier this month.

The application for Windows Phone now also supports both Spanish and Inonesian languages. Of course, minor big fixes also accompany the update as always.

Unfortunately, voice for the WP8 and Windows 8 versions have not yet been announced by Naver, but we’ve contacted them in the hopes that we can find out when this much-desired feature will be coming. Android and iPhone have had this feature from the beginning, so this would be the biggest feature needed to bring LINE for Windows Phone 8 up to par with the other operating systems.