March 24, 2023

WhatsApp Messenger For BlackBerry 10 Update Fixes Issues With Contacts, Notifications

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If you’re running WhatsApp Messenger on the BlackBerry 10 operating system, you no doubt know that the native version of the app is new on the OS, and it’s already received a new update.

The latest version of the popular cross-platform instant messenger (version 2.9.3997.0) addresses some issues a number of users have reported, particularly with contacts, notifications, and media sharing. However, probably the most notable improvement in the latest version is the addition of a number of language improvements for English, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian and finally, Turkish users.

If you’re expecting a complete makeover like that experienced on both Android and Windows Phone, you might be a bit disappointed; the update doesn’t bring any major new features to the OS, and we’re still waiting for that built-in coffeemaker. An improvement is an improvement, however, and we’re certainly not going to complain about any of those.

The new update is now available for download in the BlackBerry World app store.