March 21, 2023

Windows Blue Details Revealed on Video, Looks to Be Coat of “Fresh Paint” for Windows

Windows Blue, Fresh Paint App, Next version of Windows

Microsoft appears to be more determined than ever to improve its Windows platforms as more evidence of a rumored cross-platform update, codenamed “Blue,” has leaked. The latest video from MSFTKitchen features Microsoft’s chief technical strategy officer Eric Rudder discussing the upcoming Blue and what it means for the future of Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Phone.

“We’re really excited to work, now that the next version of Windows is coming, to make sure that we extend touch in even more dramatic fashion,” says Rudder, hinting that Microsoft is considering touch improvements across Windows Blue.

The company does confirm Blue as the codename for the next version of Windows. As for the Fresh Paint app, the demo doesn’t show any specific Windows Blue features, but Microsoft says that it’s trying to add watercolor and mixed media. For Windows Blue, Fresh Paint includes options to use realistic watercolors alongside the traditional oil paints in a mixed mode within the app. Another improvement over the Windows 8 version is the ability to add an image into the app and recreate it as a customizable watercolor painting.

There’s still no word on when the new platform or any apps may arrive, but upgrades are rumored to be switching to a possible yearly cycle, the first of which is rumored to be starting in late 2013. Here’s hoping that by December we’ll be able to use Skype or LINE in Blue.