February 6, 2023

Rebtel for Apple Devices Receives New Round of Features, Improvements, and Fixes

Rebtel Logo, Rebtel App, Rebtel VoIP Software

When Rebtel updated its iOS app to version 2.5.1 earlier this month, it brought with it a brand new tutorial to help users who were just beginning to plunge into the fresh Rebtel waters get started with the popular VoIP app.

With version 2.5.2, Rebtel has taken that new addition a bit further and has made it easier for users to invite their friends to join them on Rebtel via the tutorial. This new improvement has also been extended to users as soon as they end a call.

Along with these changes, the new update also allows users to copy and paste numbers to dial pad without being stopped by a known bug, which has been eradicated in the new version. The changelog also reveals an unspecified batch of additional improvements and enhancements for the application that are meant to improve overall stability.

If you haven’t received the update already or you haven’t had the chance to try Rebtel out for yourself, you can download the latest version via the Apple App Store.